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Akamai Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated business serving the Big Island, Maui, O'ahu, Kaua'i. With the combined experience of over 100 years, Akamai Pest Solutions provides the residents and businesses of Hawaii the best services available, while using Integrated Pest Management to provide solutions for drywood termites and pest control problems the safest way possible with no tenting.

Akamai Pest Solutions is Hawaii's Original Pioneer Treatment Provider of the XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus®, authorized and certified since 2003. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is an organic drywood termites control service, which means no chemicals and no tenting. We provide services for termites as well as ants, cockroaches, centipedes and other pest control. 

At Akamai Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing green pest control that is easy on the environment while still an effective solution to eliminate pests.

Why Choose Us? 

 » We Warranty all of our work                  »  Locally Owned and Operated                                     » 100 years Combined Experience            » Fully Licensed and Insured                                        » Pet and Child Safe Treatments              » Environmentally Safe and Responsible

Yes, we are open!

We wish everyone to stay healthy during this unexpected time.

It is very important to us that we continue to support our customers and let you know we are here for you. We have prepared our staff according to the government recommendations and have taken extensive safety measures.​

One of the many advantages of our orange oil treatment is that it is absolutely perfect for these times, because you don't need to leave your home.

Attention All O'ahu Realtors and Escrow Agents:

All Termite Inspections on O'ahu will now be done by Akamai Pest Solutions' Owner, Roger Meints, who brings 22 years of termite experience in the State of Hawaii.  This company was started in 2003 as a Termite Inspection Only Company and Roger is again, going to focus his expertise on the island of O'ahu. This focused service will provide you with Termite Inspection Reports in a professional manner with the fastest service available on the island.  Termite Inspections are provided when you need them at any time Monday thru Saturday and Sundays for Emergency Inspections. Please click on the link below to download the form to request a Termite Inspection. Email all requests to roger@akamaipestsolutions.com. Thank you!

Request a Termite Inspection